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History of ECLI, Inc.


he Manansala Family conceptualized Emmanuel Computer Learning Institute Inc. (ECLI, Inc.) with one vision in mind: To provide quality education to the towns of Apalit, Macabebe and Masantol. The year was 2003 around November when Emmanuel R. Manansala; President and Managing Director and the only son of Oscar D. Manansala who serves as the Chairman and Linda Reyes-Manansala as Treasurer/Comptroller started to promote the opening of AMA Computer Learning Center-Apalit. Also part of the Board of Trustees, are Ms. Jocelyn Reyes and Atty. Aris Petano. The family opted to be the franchise holder of AMA because they believe that its name stands for IT dominance and a quality provider of IT education; since this was also their battle cry-to provide quality education and to glorify God in this endeavor.

The school formally opened its door on May 2004 with 256 students; which was a good start. Apalit branch was blessed with dedicated and hardworking staff, both academic and non-academic. The Manansala Family saw to it that they will broaden their horizons by opening up additional branches: Tarlac in 2008 follow ed by Pasig Branch. The road to acquiring the said branches was not that easy; since there were other branches that were vouching for Pasig and the prospect of lifting the downward slope of enrollment in Tarlac is another consideration if they will take the plunge. AMA Education System (AMAES) has made its agreement clear with the Manansala Franchise- Pasig will be part of deal provided that they will acquire Tarlac.

Before; it was only Mr. Emmanuel R. Manansala who stood as the School Director to the 3 branches; but said position was given to academic employees who have proven their worth to the institution: As of this date, Apalit has Mr. Alquin S. Malonzo as School Director, promoted from being Education Coordinator; Tarlac has Mrs. Jonalyn Gonzales, who was the School Director for Apalit prior to Mr. Malonzo’s appointment as EC, then became a School Director in Pasig for a short period. Mrs. Gonzales was then succeeded by Mr. Jasper Amparo; Ms. Shirly Fajarito was appointed to replace Mr. Amparo promoted from being the Education Coordinator of Pasig branch.

Another blessing came forth, after four fruitful years the management ventured into another undertaking which was to offer 4 year bachelor degree courses since they have been successful with their 2 year and short courses and that will be the edge of ECLI among its contemporaries.

Through the years, ECLI, Inc. has strengthened its resources- both human and facilities wise. Its goal for the few years is to continue broadening its horizon and to add courses which will be beneficial to its student. A lot of innovation happened through the years of ECLI’s conception. In 2009; Elohim Building was inaugurated to house the students for the degree courses, even its human resource was strengthened; and movements in the corporate ladder happened abruptly- promotion among its ranked occurred; Ms. Fajarito was promoted as Area Manager for ECLI franchise operations, Mr. Marlon Dungo as Program Head for the College of Computer Science, and there is still a host promotions happening within the next few years. In the year 2012 alone; the new building for HRS was erected; to house the incoming HRS students. Government Recognition from the Commission on higher Education for our degree courses was granted which signals the legitimacy of the institution to the confer such degree courses.

“You Enroll, We Empower, Get Employed”. – the battle cry of our institution to its students; we continue to live up to our vision of not only providing quality education but also assisting our students to get a job and be useful agents of our society, to be of service not only to man but also to God.